I work to create human experiences that provide value.

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Jan 2017 - Oct 2017


Business Manager
Glock performance parts and accessories manufacturer/retailer

Headed all employee and business relations. Managed pertinent business paperwork and permits for $25 Million dollar company experiencing rapid growth. Gained a well-rounded E-commerce and brick & mortar retailer experience through managing projects within customer service, marketing & design, manufacturing, inventory management, and administrative departments.

Reason for departure: Company’s industry and business culture misaligned with personal interests.

2013 - 2015

Hill's Resort

Front Desk Receptionist – Northern Idaho family resort and restaurant.

Served as face of the resort as the first point of contact for inbound calls and customer inquiries. Gained valuable customer service skills and sales acumen.

2010 - 2013

Manufacturing Production Assisstant

BioMARCBiopharmaceutical Manufacturing Company

Assisted manufacturing department in development of pharmaceutical vaccines. Worked and learned alongside Masters graduates, performing the same lab procedures as those with 6-40 years experience in the industry.

About Me

I am in the business of creating value for others. Through intentionally curated content designed to engage an audience interested in my skills and experiences I have learned how to bring people and companies closer to their goals.




9-Month entrepreneurial apprenticeship program which emphasizes real-world learning and teaches a value based mindset to participants interested in jump starting their careers. Through a rigorous 3-month
online bootcamp participants learn the skills necessary to thrive in a business setting while encouraging an outside the box approach to creating value for their business partner. A 6-month apprenticeship at
participating companies gives participants the opportunity to prove their business prowess in the real-world.

2014 - 2016

Colorado State University

Three semesters of dual degree program in Biomedical Engineering & Chemical and Biological Engineering. Concurrent work as Manufacturing Production Assistant in CSU owned biopharmaceuticals lab learning the same processes and methods in a hands-on environment.


Copywriting 89%
Shopify/Wordpress Web Design 61%
Digital Marketing 71%
HTML & CSS 50%
Html & CSS 85%


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