When the motor is running, the lights are on. I feel alive, alert, and awake while doing something. I think more clearly, and my body feels ready to accomplish anything.

My creativity feeds off that energy. Thoughts flow clearly, my body keeps up with my mind and I access the flow of my creativity much easier. An active body changes the state of your mind.

With the blood pumping, my brain gets everything it needs to become creative. Simply sitting versus standing will alter the way my brain operates. If I tackle a creative task with an active mindset, it feels easier to break into my best work.

Changing the body changes the mind. After a day of sitting in front of a screen, I often feel worse than a day spent turning the pedals. When I find myself vegging-out, my heart rate slows, breathing becomes short and shallow, sleep becomes my priority. But it’s only midday and I’ve got more work to do, work that needs my creativity.

Without activity, my mind feels stuck on a single track. Not only does my creativity suffer, so does my health, both physical and mental. I don’t feel productive, my relationships deteriorate, I become flooded with negativity and clouded thoughts.

When I find myself in these states, I need to hit a reset button. I take a walk, do some yoga, go for a bike ride, anything to get my body active. It changes the way my head thinks, I wake up and feel refreshed.

It’s often in these breaks that I have some of my best creative ideas. Out on a long ride or laying on the yoga mat, I start to think about the things I’m working on in a new light. Subconsciously, I’m reworking problems with a different perspective, with more creativity.

We’re active creatures. Moving our bodies is hardwired into our genetic code. I utilize that to benefit my creative endeavors. I use it to break myself out of a slump or process new information.

There’s not much better than the feeling of tired legs and a sense of accomplishment. With a workout in for the day, I allow myself to hunker down and pound out some good work.

Combined, I feel more accomplished as I head to bed. With a healthy body, I have more energy to give to both my creative work and remedial daily tasks, relationships with others improve, and I feel alive.


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