Thinking too much. The more I try to wait for my head to think out all the details of something, the less time I spend actually getting that thing done. In the spur of a creative moment, I have to move as quickly as I can to get it down before my head starts to take over, slowing me down.

I will spend hours trying to perfect something in my head before I get it down and out into the world. When I remove my filter and let my creative energy control the flow, I can accomplish more, and in better quality.

Removing that filter is a battle fought on many fronts. I have to race to keep up with my thoughts while ignoring errors, stomping out self-doubt, and removing the fear of failure. Without those, my creativity shows some glimmers of existence. When I succumb to them, paralysis takes over and I become a vegetable trapped in my own head.

Creativity has always been a bit of a foreign concept to me. Merely thinking about what my creativity is has become a source of its paralysis. Rather, my creativity needs to become more of an expression, much like happiness, laughter, or sadness.

Forcing creativity never works. Much like forcing happiness or giving a fake laugh, everyone knows when it’s not genuine. To be creative, for me, takes feeling the flow and rolling with whatever comes out. I never know what I can produce in a creative spurt. Mostly because it’s hard to access that flow.

With more practice, removing filters, I hope to access my creative energy in a way that will let me be more productive, proud, and honest about my work, and myself.

Take this, for example, I just spent 10 minutes pounding this post out as a challenge to see how quickly I could get it done. I plugged in some headphones and gave myself 3 songs to write everything I wanted to.

After reading it for the first time, it was riddled with grammatical, spelling, and syntax errors. I knew that I was making them as I wrote, but I had to keep myself from editing so as to keep my flow. It was easy to go back and correct myself after I had all the words down that I needed. Tomorrow I’ll write about what fuels my creativity. We’ll see if I can continue to improve my filter removal skills.


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