I’m an optimist, a bright-sider, able to find the silver linings in most any situation. I will take the smallest ounce of hope and turn it into a motivation factor to follow inspiration to a better tomorrow.

Maybe I’m a bit delusional. Where others see dead ends and wasted time I see opportunity. I see a chance for greatness. Success isn’t achieved overnight, it starts first as a whim, a glimmer of an idea, an ounce of hope. Through a convoluted path of difficulty, failure,  a few more glimmers of hope, and a lot of hard work, success awaits at the end.

At least, that’s what I hope…again, maybe I’m delusional…but I like it that way.

The smaller the idea, the more inspiration I feel. It’s much easier to act on small goals and slowly snowball them into greater achievements. I’ll take the little victories where I can and wait for the big ones to come as they will.

Trying to act on a huge goal is near impossible when it comes to working towards it daily. I have to break things down into their smallest parts and rack up the little victories to get where I want to be. Along the way, things will change. Circumstances change, goals change, realities change. Staying focused on the smaller ideas versus some grand plan allows me to ebb and flow with the changes that are bound to come.

My optimism is my source of inspiration. With every change, a new opportunity presents itself. Another sliver of hope, waiting to be rolled down that snowy embankment.

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