A fresh set of eyes on any piece of art opens up the mind to find a narrative. I find myself searching for a story in the details and intricacies to determine what the artist is trying to portray. At the same time, my own creative aptitude creates its own story. A blend of the two will lead way to yet another interpretation of the piece. For every fresh set of eyes, there’s a multitude of different narratives within art.

Viewing art has seemed passive for much my life. I will view a piece, and based on its qualities allow myself to experience simply how I feel. Happy paintings looked happy, sad paintings looked sad. Without actively pursuing deeper thought into a work of art, that is crafting a narrative, my experiences have been purely surface level.

Breaking into that active mindset of diving into your creative rabbit hole takes a considerable effort. Removing mental barriers to allow myself to explore different creative paths is still a laboring process, one that I hope to improve. In accessing this part of my brain, I start to feel my limits fading.

In my peak creative state of mind, I imagine rambling endlessly on different elements of work. Crafting wildly different ideas and realities behind just a single detail in a canvas. I can’t reach this until I keep practicing the art of removing my creative hinderances.

Artist Intentions

In knowing what an artist is trying to portray in their art, I have found it easier to explore their own narrative within the details, yet harder still to craft my own. I find it intriguing to learn of an artist’s interests only after I have had a chance to draft my own meaning from the work first.

This way I have less of a problem activating my creative centers, fresh perspective provides mental clarity, and I get to understand more of the inspiration behind the piece. The person behind the art holds an equally fascinating narrative in their own perceptions of the world. Their art is an expression of those perceptions, a window into their inner workings.

I crave a good story. Whether it be crafted on my own through the visual stimulation of art or told through the bibliography of a great artist long past, I will dive in deep. Knowing the intentions of an artist provides a deeper look into the reasons behind its creation. Only for now does it jade my ability to be as free in my creativity as I’d like to be.

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