Art is the creative product of a person’s emotions, experiences, thoughts, perceptions, or otherwise. It is designed to elicit a response from its audience. Alternatively, creating art itself holds a different purpose. The artist is driven to manifest art via their expressions, this act of creation has it’s own purpose for only the artist to experience.

Some art allows the viewer to experience both their own reaction to a piece as well as interpret the artists meaning. However, not all art has an explicit meaning that the artist is trying to convey. While art from the artist’s standpoint comes as a form of expression on something meaningful enough to be produced, it does not always represent a well thought out statement on some cultural, political, or philosophical standpoint.

Whether it be paintings, sculptures, dances, playwrights, or poetry, art is a stimulus.  A piece of art in itself communicates directly with the emotional centers of our brain. Good art will spark personally meaningful emotional pathways within our brains, triggering stronger, even physical responses. It is not the artist that has this effect, but the artwork itself. Its purpose is to expose you to creative responses within yourself that you maybe hadn’t known was there.

Art for the artist is the creative endeavor of producing their own responses to internalized emotions. Their need to create art cannot be suppressed, it will come out in one form or another. The meaning an artist takes from their own art may be vastly different from that of its audience. In some cases, it may the same. In either case, producing that art is a necessity to the artist as it serves as their outlet for expressing themselves.

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