The soul is bedrock. It’s the innermost layer of your being, who you are. Not tangible nor measurable, yet it holds the core of your human existence. Your soul defines your characteristics and shapes your personality.

Your soul is malleable. it can change, shift, and adapt according to your perceptions of life. As you grow, your soul will face new challenging experiences and react to create a new version of yourself. Some parts of the soul will never change or require big influences to affect a change.  Other parts may change daily, your mood reflective of this.

Can You Kill your soul?

I don’t believe your soul to be a part of yourself that cannot exist as long as you live. If you’re still kicking, so is your soul. You can certainly suppress your soul to a level of minimal existence, but your life would reflect this as much.

As far as the fate of your soul in your own passing, it can either live on through your legacy or whither away with your decomposing body.  It’s dependent upon yourself, in your lifetime, to leave impressions of your soul on the world around us. Do so and your soul may never die.

Does the soul have a gender?

You can define your soul however you feel. Give it a pet name, hang out with it on weekends, let it run free with the wind. If it has a gender, so be it. If it has the form of a blob floating in the sea, so be it. You have the power to shape your soul as you’d like. Remember, there will be parts harder to define yourself than others, but in no way is your soul a permanent fixture unbound to your own power.

You own your soul, not the other way around.

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