Good food

Fuel keeps my energy high and mind awake. I need to be fully charged to take on the day’s activities. Breakfast remains my most cherished (favorite) meal of the day.

Being so food driven keeps me working for more. I enjoy draining my body of nourishment through a big hike or long bike ride just to eat my heart out after. It’s a cleansing experience that allows me to feel myself build back up from a low. Not much else is more satisfying than earning your next meal.

Good company

Being with the people that I make my fondest memories. Their company makes for easy living, stress-free and complete with laughter. Through all the daily, weekly, monthly struggles we all face, recharging with the fam brings new energy to all of our relationships.

Good food with good company makes for an ideal hard reset that I need to keep my positive outlook on life. Laughter booms and smiles radiate the room. There’s never a dull moment and not a worry in the world about anything outside of our immediate presence. This is being in the moment.

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