One achievement should only give birth to another, more lofty, goal. Reaching one state of happiness or well-being only satisfies my soul for so long before I must continue my pursuit of the next.

I enjoy moments of success, but while doing so I’ve already begun thinking about the next. I envision the steps required to get there, what barriers I may face, and what that accomplishment will feel like.

Without this hunger, my soul becomes wilted. My drive loses steam and I fade into the background of my own life. Every day must be one step forward, for a day of complacency is two steps back.


None of us have time for this. Self-doubt is merely a mechanism of your complacent brain trying to get you to freeze. Quite possibly the most effective killer of dreams, you’ve tricked yourself into believing sour lies concocted from within your deepest fears.

I have no tolerance for self-sabotage. In a world where everything else already fights your existence, let alone your goals, you have to be entirely on your own team to survive.


Inhibitors of creativity and barriers to competition. Nothing makes me stew like a dose of mandated standards of operation. This may not be as soul-draining as it is infuriating, but all I know is every time I see a government seal, the universal stamp of regulatory policy, my insides melt.

A word synonymous with obligatory, control, mandated, decree, fixed, and dictate is not one that should be at the core of our governmental ideology. To think that restrictions on human action will bring about an ideal society, by any standards, is ass backward and will most likely result in human action against those regulators. Or at least it should.

In any case, I’d rather release myself from any associations with regulation and live a creative life free to pursue any endeavor.

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