Moments are fleeting. They move swift in their nature and are brief in exposure. Quickly moments transfer themselves from one to another, forging experiences.

Easily can a handful moments become lost before recapturing the present. Left unattended, moments will sneak past, unforgiving their permanency now in the past.

Anticipated, moments arrive different than expected. Moments cannot be sculpted, they are independent in their existence,

Being in a moment could involve your physical state, where ever it is your body is placed now, these are your current tangible moments.

Moments exist in your mind. The brain can place itself somewhere else entirely. Symptoms often include the loss of tangible moments.

Absent minded? Rather, the mind taking an adventure of it’s own creation. One that which our material body cannot follow.

Actively engaging moments, tangible or otherwise, creates an experience, a memory. Moments lost are merely a lack of active memory capturing.

Either through tangible experiences, or creative mind wandering, living in the moment means what you make of it.

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