Our actions transpire directly from our thoughts. We are all rational, self-interested agents making choices for the betterment of our well-being.

Reality has a few different facets to it. On one level, it’s a permanent fixture. The physical world around us serves as the baseline for our existence. We can certainly affect this facet of reality through physical manipulation of the world and its elements. Think of this as the blank canvas for which we can creatively shape our own perception of the world, that is, our own realities.

We can think about the world in abstract ways. We can imagine new worlds and create such vivid representations of different realities that it becomes possible for us to manifest them within our own. Dreams have this unique ability to show our minds what “could” be.

With this power, we can get to work making the necessary actions to realize the reality we wish to live within. Our thoughts transpire actions which have the power to change reality.

Another facet of reality can be changed with our thoughts alone. That being our perception of the world and our own lives. You can change your reality by changing the way you think about reality. A paradigm shift can make or break different mindsets and thought processes, in turn changing the way we perceive certain realities.

Changing the way you think about a situation allows you to change the way you act. Taking on a challenge and placing the confidence in yourself to succeed often times proves to be the deciding factor in that success. Simply thinking about a reality in which you overcame a struggle will bring you closer to that reality.

Maybe it’s because you’ve visualized a path to that success and it’s easier to now follow that roadmap. Maybe your mind is quite good at fooling itself into believing new and abstract realities while making pseudo changes in your perception of reality until you manifest them yourself.

Whatever the reasons may be, it pays to think about the reality you which to live in. Nothing will bring you closer to that world except yourself. While your actions will bear the lions share of the workload, it takes thinking about your next reality to start acting towards it.

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