Sum up your personal philosophy on life

Take charge, take risks, bear no regrets.

Not much else matters in life more than doing the things you desire most. Should you not, you’ll lay on your death bed with nothing but regret. It’s easy to have an excuse, everyone’s got those. What makes people great is their ability to stuff down fear and act.

A colleague and good friend of mine gave me a framed quote by Tony Robbins upon his departure from the company we worked at together.

“Life is found in the dance between your deepest desire and your greatest fear”

It would seem these two points are extremes at opposite ends of a spectrum, leaving everything in life between. If our deepest desire is the life we wish to live, our greatest fear would be the failure to achieve that.

Many people won’t achieve their bliss. It takes grit to stomp out fear and keep your head up high. Everything will try to hold you back, yourself the most. However, you hold the override button. Every day you have the opportunity to press that button and take a step towards a better tomorrow. TAKE CHARGE.

On our journey towards desire, there will be chasms to cross. You will look down into these as you look down from an airplane window, wondering how far you’d fall. You’ll grow tense, tunnel vision sets in. Everything in your body will tell you to sit right down and cry.

There is no way around, there is no safety net, there are no second chances. You must jump.

As you climb up and over the other side, you’ll look back with a smile on your face. You’ll remember the way you felt on the other side and think of how silly it was to be afraid. The road ahead suddenly looks easier, you’ve tackled one challenge, bring on the next! TAKE RISKS.

Here is where you start to run, no skip, no dance. For this journey is one of laughter and excitement. Who’s to care how ridiculous you look! Enjoy the ride as you navigate through the unknown.

Explore different avenues and find the things that make you come alive. Follow the things that make your body want to move. For a moment spent dancing will never be a moment of regret. BEAR NO REGRETS.

I choose to dance through life.

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