We’ve all got a burning itch inside us to be something, achieve some goal, reach a milestone. If you close your eyes you can even see yourself as attaining that dream.

But then it dissipates. Fear creeps in, you start to visualize all the barriers between here and there. Money is tight, your day is packed with responsibility already, you don’t have the connections, you’re not good enough.


Your mind wants to keep you right where you are. It’s a dopamine addict laying on the couch screaming at you to stay put. Stay right where you are in your comfortable life. You’ve got everything you could ever ask for, you tell yourself. Who are you to deserve more?

No one. You don’t deserve more. You can only work for more. You can be the story told of dreamer to doer. You can turn around and show people how to do the same. Those clouded thoughts will fade after just one step in the right direction.

The path won’t be easy. You’ll get lost, you’ll grow tired, you’ll fall down. Take one more step. At times, you won’t recognize where you are. Reflect, visualize your goal once more, and take another step.

You’re not alone in this journey. Others too are taking their steps, others too have fallen. Lean on each other to fight the urge to stop. For a day without a step forward, is three steps back. Remember how hard it was to take your first, keep your momentum rolling and the worst will always be behind you.

Every day we all have the opportunity to become one step closer to the life we want to live. Without progress, you will find yourself at your final resting place. Look around, is this where you’d like to be?

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