The Tour de France brings together the worlds best bike racers for the year’s penultimate challenge on two wheels. Twenty-One stages over France’s iconic roads decides only one champion. Whomever it be, that man will have paid for his crown in blood, sweat, and tears.

There will be gruesome battles atop the mountains akin to the Greek Gods; riders will show no mercy to their rivals to gain but a few seconds. The flatland’s will not prove to be any easier as the fastest men on bikes will tear each others legs off at uncanny speeds to reap green glory.

Only the strongest will survive. Not through fitness, but through grit. The Tour demands every rider’s humbled respect as payment for finishing on the Camps Elysees, else it will take your soul. Spectators may only marvel at the sight of these warriors as they battle not only each other but France herself.

Within the fight, there is also beauty. For every road has it’s own majestic qualities to offer in return for the rider’s sweat. The Tour allows us all to experience France’s dramatic scenery and reflect on the beauty of this historic race.

Without the fans, the race would be nothing. Millions of spectators will flock to the roadsides for the chance to witness their heroes flash past in fleeting excitement. Every cheer, whistle, and exclamation of encouragement counts as they are the fuel of the riders engines. Deafening finish-lines propel a riders spirit into giving it their all. The athletes race for us. They put on a show so that we may give them our highest praise.

The prestige of the Tour is unparalleled. No other yearly event is as universal, it’s name recognized by millions. For three weeks in July we are all cyclists; the tour unites us and breaths new air into our youthful lungs so that we may proclaim “Vive Le Tour!”

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