My 9-month Praxis experience is coming to a close next week. In October I began my journey as a new Praxian, buzzing with excitement and feeling the need to do everything I could to get the most out of the program. I would jump from doing an online course on the basics of economics to a late night group call with fellow participants to reading and writing on my favorite topics all in the span of an afternoon. The problem with this was I wasn’t really sure where all of it was taking me.

I’ve since been developing a sense of self awareness that has helped straighten my compass a little more each day. I now try to stay purpose driven. It took me a while to develop the ability to focus on what was important to me, with ever increasing opportunities around us its hard to pick what to sacrifice. Rather than dipping my toes in everything I could, I’ve identified only a few areas which I have dedicated the majority of time.

There have been times I have questioned my current path, others that I’ve felt on top of the world. The most important to me is the longevity I’ve committed myself to. Knowing that I’m ‘in’ on the goals I’ve set for myself makes riding those waves of peaks and valleys much easier in the moment. I have the awareness to tell when I’m stuck in a rut and how to dig myself out in pursuit of that larger goal.

Distractions are constant. Often times I can get sucked into them without so much as noticing. The key isn’t to learn how to block out the distractions. For me, its been how to avoid putting myself in the decision chair when they come.

Having to make the decision between instant gratification or taking one more step closer to my goal in the moment almost always leads to my taking of the former. Because I know this about myself, I’ve had to develop systems that avoid my seeing of that decision chair.

My routine keeps me on track. Don’t get me wrong, I still have free time, but only because it’s part of my routine. That sounds a bit counter intuitive but having structured free time has kept me sane. I know that if I try to cram my waking hours with planned activities from dawn to dusk my motor simply gives out.

Change is constant. Rolling with the punches is a necessity. Plans may start well only to crash and burn the next day. Adapting to those changes while staying on track takes a certain level of self awareness that I’ve consciously been trying to improve. There’s always one step more to be taken and many more to fall down on, keep your forward tilt, and chin up, in time all else will follow.

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