Getting along with people will propel your life, and career, further than any hard skills you have. The better you’re able to work with those around, the more work you get done.Everyone has flaws, most people are quick to point out the faults of others as an excuse to not work together.

Everyone has flaws, most people are quick to point out the faults of others as an excuse to not work together. This unwillingness to cooperate is the deadliest of them all. Most prominently, I’ve seen this virus infect the workplace and halt productivity while decreasing relationships and morale.

People who gripe about the reasons they cannot work with another individual are doing more harm to themselves than anything else. They are essentially raising a red flag stating “I am incapable of doing the work asked of me because of external factors I chose to treat as immovable roadblocks to my progress”.

There aren’t any success stories of people who faced great challenges only to turn around and state that there are pre-existing conditions to how they must achieve that success. You don’t get to choose your hardships, they spring up from the ground to sucker-punch you at your most vulnerable moment.

Refusing to cooperate with another individual because you’re not comfortable with their personality type only speaks to your inability to handle hardship. Once that becomes evident, your days are numbered.

Leaders know how to navigate the nuances of effectively dealing with different kinds of people. Their approach is systematic. It employs empathy, an understanding of another person’s current state. It involves building trust and demanding the same level of respect and working relationship with every personality type.

Those who fault their own lack of cohesiveness on the flaws of others are more damaging to a collective effort than the actual weakness of the team itself. For, a team can balance its strengths to accommodate its weaknesses, not doing so is not being a part of the team.